Book report - Letter from the inside

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Book report

The story is written by John Marsden, and it´s about two girls, Mandy and Tracy, who becomes pen-pals when Mandy answers to Tracy´s ad in a magazine. Soon they become friends, and they talks about everything; school, friends, and family.
But after a while, Mandy finds out that Tracy has been lying about almost everything that has to do with her family. Mandy confronts Tracy in one of her letter, but at first Tracy doesn't answers. But after a couple more unanswered letters from Mandy, Tracy tell us in one of her letters that she is in a kind of a prison for juvenile offenders, which name is Garret, and that she has been for almost a year. But this doesn't scare Mandy away as Tracey thought. The keep sending letters to each other, and it´s now, I think, that the story is getting interesting. Tracy is now telling us about her real life, and her problems in Garret.

The main characters are, as I already said, Mandy and Tracy. At first, it feels like you´re really getting to know what kind of people they are. Mandy seems like a pretty normal person, kind and caring. Later on, you find out a little more about her family. Her always working parents, and her kind of eerie brother.
But since Tracy first tells a story of her own imagination and wishes, you don´t get to know her the same way. First, she seems like a girl who has everything. For instance; caring rich parents, kind siblings and a great boyfriend. But after it has been reveal that this is a lie, you are getting to know the real Tracy. One of the main things you now get to know about her is that she is very thick-skinned and tough on the outside, but sensitive and bright on the inside.    

The book is about two young girls different life, about love, fears and jealousy. In the story, all these things are written in the letters, and you can really relate to almost everything in the text.

I liked the book, because it was interesting and relatable. I think that the book was written in a young person's perspective, and that's why I was so surprised when it was a middle-aged man who has written it. John Marsden has really caught the ...

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