Mice and Men

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uppladdat: 2002-10-23
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The film took place in California on the thirties, and was about two friends moving together from farm to farm, taking jobs as workers. They believed that they where different then all the other farm workers. Because unlike all the other, they only work to get money, to buy there dream farm from an old couple. George who where the smarter one of the two friends, used to tell storeys about it to Lenny. He described the illusion of a little house with an iron stove, to keep them warm in the winter, and a little piece of land to feed them, and the rabbits of course. The rabbits witch George told Lenny that he will be allowed to take care of and pet. If he don’t messes everything up like he did in Weed. Lenny has a crazy obsession with soft things that he can pet, and in Weed he saw a pretty girl in a red dress, and when he tried to pet her dress she screamed.

As you might have figure out, Lenny wasn’t the smartest man in the world. He couldn’t even carry a bus ticket, even less he’s own work card, he always forgot things, he is gullible and he has a mind of a five-year-old. If that is Lennys disadvantages, his advantages is that he is kind, friendly and above all, he is big and strong, he is fore times stronger then George who is an ordinary men.

When George and Lenny finally arrives at the farm there suppose to work on the summer, nearly a day late they becomes enemies with the bosses son Curly, who is an evil control freek who’s angry on everybody bigger than him. When he sees Lenny who where a head taller then all then all the other workers, he flips and believe that if Lenny tries to steal his wife whose, also living on the farm, he wont be able to protect his property. But George and Lenny also makes friends on the farm, friends like Candy, an old man with a dog. He is afraid that one-day he won’t be needed any more just like his pore old dog. I think that’s why he offers 300 dollar and a helping hand at the stove in George and Lennys dream house. An other of there friends where the black man whose working and living separately in the farms stable.

The time passes smoothly by for George and Lenny, until one evening when the door to the workers cottage opens and there stands a furious Curly. He is looking for his wife and when nobody knows where she is, he gets even angrier and takes it out on the biggest man in the room, Lenny. Lenny who’s really kind doesn’t want to hurt Curly refuses to hit Curly. But when he has taken some punches from Curly, he hears Georges voice telling him to fight back; he takes a strong hold of Curly fist and cruses it.

Curly witch where so badly hurt that he most go to a hospital was forced to tell everybody that his hand got stacked in a machine, even to his own father and his wife. And everybody except Curly wife believed that Curly had hurted his hand on a machine. And one day when George was outside playing a game with the other workers, Curlys wife slipt into the barn wher Lenny was petting a little puppy witch he had killed when he had played with it.

At first she was chocked but when he had explained how the puppy had died she understood and asked if he wanted to pet her hear. Lenny sad that he really wanted to pet her hair and started petting it. At first gently but then more and more harshly until her neck broke and she died. Lenny quickly hides the body under some straws and ran into the forest. When George saw the dead women’s body he directly understood that it was Lennys fault that she was dead, so took a gun from a worker and hurried into the forest after Lenny.

And after a short while he found Lenny in a ditch. Lenny was crying and talking about the farm that they where going to buy. So George told Lenny, his best friend to look strait forward and picture the farm, and when George had told the whole story about the farm and the rabbits, he slowly pull...

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