Väjern ett litet ställe på Västkusten (Eng)

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“Väjern” is a very small place at the westcoust of Sweden. It’s a wonderful place where you can do lots of things. I would give you some history of “Väjern”.

I want to start with a story about the settlement.

The first settlement in “Väjern” was into a place called “Klevekilen”. There were buildings under the middle of the 1600. The people which was living there was supply with fishing and farming. Under the herring-spell under the end of the 1700 the people could supply with fishing only. This made that people moved nearer the ocean. The first house was build next to “backen” directly north of the bay. Later they also build the houses north along the beach. The boathouse was probably built under the 1800 herring-spell, on poles out over the ground bay.

Local have the society always have a report about be called “the earths end”. Maybe the reason is because that it was only one way to “Väjern” before. The way wasn’t to “Kungshamn” or “Hunnebostrand”. The way was going from “Munkedal” by “Askum”, Hogenäs” to “Vägga” The way was called “Vägga-väj”. “Väjern” have also been called “Stockhamn” this because of it is an island out of “Väjern”. The island is called “Stocken”. That name come from a theory, which says many stocks, has floated ashore. This gave the name to the island “Stocken”. This result in the people has to move the stocks away because they needed the water to fishing. When they took the stocks away, they took them to “Väjern” and the people, which don’t know something about the water in this area called the harbor “Stockhamn”. This was however before the settlement in “Väjern”.

From “Stockhamn” to “Väjern” are a harder question but much more interesting. “Väjern” is situated in a valley, which was full of the water for long time ago. In this time the people could take the seaway to “Hovenäset”. Also this was before “Väjern” was a society.
The name has a ground in this. Many rich people lived at “Smögen” before. This made it to a lovely place for pirates. They used the lighthouse and changed the light so the vessel was going on the ground. When the vessel was on the ground the pirates could go and take the cargo. This made it very hard for original vessel, which was freighting real cargo like sand and other things. This freighters was freighting the cargo from “Gothenburg” to “Oslo” when “Bohuslän” was Norwegian. The vessels could go longer out from the coast but that was too risky under the nights, nobody hade ever navigate in dark far away from the lighthouses on “Sotenäset” before, it could be really dangerous. Somebody get an idea and sad:
- Lets go over “Stockhamn” to “Hovenäset” and go an other way just past the danger.
On some places the seamen hade to use stocks to find the correct way with. On this way they find another way “väg” and in Norwegian is that “vei”. If you see on the old syllable to “Väjern” you can see good equal sign to “Veijern”. This name has probably later refined. To the name we have now, “Väjern”.

“Väjern” was a great stonemason-society. Probably started the cut in stone on the islands “Vassholmen” and “Stocken” on the 1860, because the population increases very fast. The population-increase needed piece of land for new houses. Near the turn of the century started the box factory which was in use to the start of 1970. From the tart was it 7-box factory´s which under the best years together employed 30-40 people. The sea cargo was also very important from the turn of the century.
Number of housing increasing to year 1930. Most of the people were stonemason. Year 1935 was only 4% of the housing fisherman; which did this, the down period in the stone industry battle the society hard.

With 1930 was the stone-industry gone. A goods-factory for preparation of salt and herring and the industry was change. 1947 build a joinery shop and they made boxes and beer boxes. Somebody was also fisherman.

The society was going down to year 1970. After that it would going up and are now up to something about 900 people.

Now we came to a chapter which is very interested just now, the tourism. Some people in “Väjern” have big plans for “Väjern” they want it to be a big place with bridges to the small islands and small shops on the islands. I don’t like it. I don’t want make “Väjern” to a tourism-place. It’s a fishing-society and I hope it would be that also in the future.

“Tumlaren” is a swim house right in small “Väjern”. “Tumlaren” opening 1993 and the owner is “Sotenäs Kommun”, “Abba Seafood” and the staff-foundation from “Abba”. “Abba Seafood” is Sweden’s biggest fish ennobling-company.
“Tumlaren” is a combination-construction which is unique for the westcoust of Sweden. The place is in “Väjern”, north “Kungshamn” & “Smögen” in the middle “Bohuslän”.

Tumlaren and the harbor. In the top of the picture you also can see the newbuilded department on the mountain.

Now we came to an other chapter in the tourism, a bath place called “Långeviksbadet”.
North “Väjern” is “Långeviksbadet”. The bath is also called “Hammarudden”. Here you can find toilet and bath ladders.

The guest harbor in “Väjern” has around 50 boat places with access to shower, toilet, washing mac...

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