Three men in a boat - to say nothing about the dog!

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uppladdat: 2000-07-05
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Written by Jerome K. Jerome

Three men and a boat is quite an original book. The plot of the book is about three men who decide that they should take a boat trip down the Thames. The three men are George, Harris and the storyteller, also named “J”, and a dog, called Montmorency. They rent a boat, and after many discussions they set of along the river.

The book is mostly about the trio telling adventures from their own lives and others. But you can also follow their journey as it goes by. Some quite interesting things take place as they are passing by. But most part of the stories comes from their memory.

Some of the stories are very funny. For example the one time where “J” happens to fall into the water and then by accident happens to drop his shirt at the same time. All this is very amusing to George, until he discovers that it really is his shirt. But now the amusing part has turned to “J”, and he laughs for a long time.

I think that the book was very nice. It was thrilling to read all the stories and hear the fellow travellers brag about their success and hear their mistakes from others. The men seemed very childish most of the time. The fellow travellers meet a lot of interesting people along the way. I especial like when they visit a village and in a pub hangs a giant fish. When the men ask who caught the fish they get the same answer from everyone:
-“I did!”
This is all very confusing to the trio. The men who answer have made an even lager effort then the other. And is boasting about the hard struggle with the fish. It all ends up by George happening to fall on the fish and accidentally drags it down when he is trying to get a closer look at the fish. The fish turns out to be from Paris.

The book contains many different stories, making it feel like many short stories rather than a book. But the stories are all very nice to read and I really enjoyed reading the book. I can warmly recommend it, but you have to concentrate on the book to follow its turns and leads. Sometimes I was losing my concentr...

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