Mice and men - John Steinbeck

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The story "of mice and men" is about two friends; George and Lernie, their friendship and their common dreams. They are always going from one farm to the other working from dawn to dusk, so that they can be able to save enough money to buy a ranch of their own and keep chickens, cows, rabbits etc. Although, these two friends are very hardworking, but one of them constantly gets into trouble led both of them to misfortune.

John Steinbeck wrote the story and it took place in California in America in 19th century. There are two main characters in the story; George and Lernie. These two characters have so many things in difference but just one thing in common, which is a dream. George was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp and very intelligent and smart. Lernie is a complete opposite man to George. He is a huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes and not as intelligent and smart as George.

I believe the main conflicts in the story are about striving for a dream to come true and for some other reasons. The dream couldn’t be accomplished. Therefore, as long as human beings continue to live, we will always have dreams and hope to make them come true, if there is no obstacle. Nevertheless, this is the message the author was trying to convey. I think the story was a good one because it was short, which made me, understood it better. Also the language used in the story was not very difficult to understand. However very much was told by the characters.

Moreover, I felt sorry for Lernie, because George shot him, but he had to do it for his own peacefulness too. What made me feel sorry for him is that; I can put myself in the shoes of these two friends and then I realise that it’s not easy to become what one is dreami...

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Inactive member [2002-12-09]   Mice and men - John Steinbeck
Mimers Brunn [Online]. https://mimersbrunn.se/article?id=1372 [2021-07-31]

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