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STEPHEN KING – KING OF HORROR AND FICTION HAS written several novels, his first one was published in 1974. As a prolific and extraordinary storyteller he has succeeded very well. He is one of the world's most appreciated writers and he has written books that have both scared and amazed all kinds of people, no matter age or sex.
Stephen King is already a legend of our time and with his gift of writing he will, with no doubt, fascinate the world many years ahead.
He has recently started writing again after his car accident and one of his latest prodigies is the story about Trisha McFarland.
Trisha McFarland is a nine years old girl and big for her age. She lives with her brother Pete and her newly divorced mother. Both Trisha and Pete misses their father, but Pete is the one who keeps whining about how he wants to move back with him. Trisha is more aware of the situation and understands the strain her mother is under. Trisha is also fed up with all the arguing and does not want to be the person who worsens the, already intense, atmosphere.
The children's mother, Quilla, who tries to combine both children and career has a very rough period with her recent separation, her ex-husband and her stubborn children, decides that they all need a break from the stress and the arguing. She thinks it will be a good idea to spend some quality time together in another environment than the city.
Quilla has already made up her mind when her children starts complaining, their mission will be no more less than the forest near New England. What she did not plan was that Trisha would lose track and get lost. Immediately the reader is put into two different worlds: the world of the grieving relatives with the awareness of a killer running around in the forest, and the world of Trisha with supernatural creatures, whispers and The God of the Lost…
Trisha is the biggest Tom Gordon fan in the world, she thinks that he is the best baseball player in the whole universe, and as if that was not enough he is extremely handsome. Baseball is her and her father's common interest, and she sees it as a chance to get closer to her father, perhaps impress on him and show him that she really adores him. It is rather obvious that she loves him a lot and it concerns her that he is drinking too much, you can imagine that it is one of the main reasons her parents got divorced. "- and about how Dad had started to look sad and old to her, with that smell of beer always coming out of his pores"
Through the whole book you follow Trisha and her struggle for survival in the forest. The forest itself is not described as any dangerous, it is more likely the animals and creatures who lives in it. Trisha is very bright for her age, and it is sometimes hard to believe that she would think the way she does. This can be a result of her different world experiences, divorces and such. She is awfully mature and it is fascinating how mentally strong she is, somehow the forest was releasing the little animal that was living inside of her. She might seem reserved and quiet, but for her own survival she lets her aggressiveness go and swears not just more than once.
You might think that this book does not contain any dialogues since Trisha is alone and lost, but Trisha is not alone. She has always company by her imagined friends or no one less than Tom Gordon. All tough she is always disappointed when she finds out they are not for real. Whatever happens she always refer to what her best friend, Pepsi, would have done or said. " – was totally down with it, as Pepsi might have said"
Trisha gets stronger during her survival in the forest and she has such a self-irony that you actually laugh out loud on and off. You easily compare yourself with Trisha and you gradually share every feeling she has. Not to mention the cold voice, represented as Trisha's conscience. At every misfortune the cold voice is there to criticise everything she do and there is no chance for Trisha to criticise back. "You may never get out of these woods"
Slowly Trisha starts to lose faith and her mind, you are not sure if she hallucinates or if it is actually happening to her, but you get just as afraid as her when three men in robes appears…

"She shifted her eyes back to the little clearing on the other side of the stream and three people were standing there, looking at her. At least she assumed they were looking at her; Trisha couldn't see their faces. Their feet, either. They wore long robes like the priests in those movies about days of old."

The three priests represent the three Gods: The God of Tom Gordon, the Subaudible and The God of the Lost. Despite of everything she has gone through by now, thirst, hunger, deer with torn of heads, this is what makes her lose control. The rest of her days in the forest she lives in fear for those priests, especially The God of the Lost and of that thing watching every step she takes…
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