Global Warming

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Do you really know what the global warming is and the effects of it? I’m going to tell you some about one of the worst problem in the world that we don’t talk much about.

The global warming is both benefit and harm to the climate on Earth. A short wavy radiation from the sun reaches the earth. Some is reflected back in space. Some catches up of the atmosphere, the ocean, the ground and the vegetation. From that, the energy resents as a long wavy radiation. But the atmosphere is much more transparent for the short wavy beam as for the long wavy. That’s why some of the warmth keeps on earth. This is the global warming, the natural one. Without it, the earth would be a planet cold as ice without any life. If the content of the greenhouse gases increases, the warmth is hold close the surface of the ground a longer time and our climate changes.

And that is just what we’re doing, we let to much carbon dioxide out in the atmosphere, we chops down huge arias of woods. The trees are there to catch up the carbon dioxide, but are there no trees, it becomes to much of the carbon dioxide.
Globally, the average temperature has increased with 0,6ºC and the surface of the sea10-20 cm this last century.

The carbon dioxide is the most important reason of the global warming and the largest source is from the incineration of carbon and oil, but even this damage we do on the forests contribute to that.

The percentage of the carbon dioxide is 25 percent higher than hundred years ago. The discharges has to be halved to stop this content of carbon dioxide to be higher.
The effects of the damage we’re doing, is that the average temperature on the earth’s surface increases 1,4-5,8ºC in the time of 1990-2100. The surface of the sea can rice 9-88 cm. It comes more precipitation, but not in all places of earth.

The pine forest belongs to those nature types that strike hardest if the climate becomes warmer. This is because the temperature is expected to go up more in north than the global average.
We in north can expect that our temperature is going to rice about 10ºC in the nearest hundred years. We maybe only thinks it sounds nice to have a bit warmer, but fact is that when the climate goes warmer, it brings huge negative consequences to both animals and humans. Only a few degrees is enough to make the climate system of the world going out of system.
If we don’t do anything now, we actually are going straight against large climate changes!

Already today we se rapidly changes in the weather and more and more natural catastrophes. It will probable comes more hurricanes, floods, extremely drought, large forest fires.
The large ozone hole over Antarctic is bigger than ever. Even the ozone over North pole is very thin. The harmful UV-radiation make us more available to get skin cancer and damages on our eyes.

Many animal species that lives in the polar area and in the mountains, will die.
The polar ice will melt. Since 1979, the ice has been melting as much as an area of three Sweden. More water on earth can effect the ocean circulation and there after disturb the golf stream.

What can we do as an individual?
We can drive cars with diesel motor and on rapeseed oil. We should use the public transport as often we can. Take down our temperature indoors. Use less energy and use energy that can be reused, like water, sun and wind.

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