A summery of the movie "Quit storm"

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uppladdat: 2003-09-18
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This movie is about a girl and a boy, and how difficult love and relationships can be. The girl, Annie and the boy, Alex meet at a party and Gina, Annie’s friend introduce them to eachother. Annie and Alex gets on very good with eachother and they talk and dance all night long. This is the beginning of their relationship, which in the beginning is a very good relationship. But after a while Alex starts to behave strangely. He does everything he can to own Annie, he doesn’t want her to do things with her friends. A good example is, when he one evening said to her, that he had tickets to a concert, she followed with him, and too late she realised that had lied. So Annie had to spent the evening, sitting on a bench with Alex, instead of having fun with her friends. But as usual Alex managed to talk himself out of the bad situation, he told Annie how much he loved her, and she accepted and forgive, as usual. His needs of control only got worse, sometimes when Annie showed up a minute or two too late, he got angry and yelled at her, and sometimes even hit her. This is not what Annie expected love to be, so she starts to ponder about their relationship, and after nights of pondering she decides, to leave Alex, is the best thing to do. She meets Alex the following day at a cafe, the sit down and Annie tells Alex about her decision, as usual he tries to persuade Annie, but this time she has made her decision. He acts surprisingly calm, which scares Annie, so she starts to walk home. But he insist that he shall drive her home, and on the way to his car, when nobody is around, he hits Annie so much that her lips starts to bleed.

Discussing part
I’ve chosen to write about topic number 3, which is “Is physical violence worse than psychological terror?”

When I hear that question, I can’t say a yes, but neither a no. Its a question to discuss and there are many different ways at looking at this question, but I’ll only write about one of them.
When you are exposed to psychological terror your soul brakes down piece after piece, maybe without anybody noticing. If somebody says to you that you are ugly, you first deny it, but then you start to think about it, and after a while you say to yourself “I’m an ugly person”. This is the weird way an human being works. And if you have come to this point, where you say to yourself “I’m ugly” it’s hard to love and trust other people again. All this can happen without anybody noticing, until you’re broken.
But if you’re exposed to physical violence, you can’t hide it too long, without people in you nearness noticing. People who are exposed to physical violence often shudder to take a show...

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Inactive member [2003-09-18]   A summery of the movie "Quit storm"
Mimers Brunn [Online]. https://mimersbrunn.se/article?id=2285 [2021-06-15]

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