Review of the Jungle Books

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I have red ”The Jungle Books” written by Rudyard Kipling. The main characters in the book are Mowgli, the little boy, Baloo, the big beer, Bagheera, the black panther, Shere Khan, the evil tiger and the wolf family.

The book starts with Shere Khan’s hunting of the man-cub. He broke up a family and the little boy ran away from Shere Khan. The boy founded the wolfs cave and the mother and father-wolf raised him as a member of the family. Bagheera paid a bull for Mowgli’s life so that Mowgli could be a member of the wolf-pack(this is a membership of all the wolves, there a head leader make the decision if the wolf, in this case a man, can be a member of the wolf-pack.) Baloo insisted to learn Mowgli all the rules of the jungle, and so he did. Mowgli grew up in the jungle. One day the monkeys stole him away. Baloo and Bagheera tried to rescue him with the help of Kaa, the snake, because the monkeys was afraid of him. The rescue was successful but Mowgli had another problem. The wolf-pack had let him down, because Shere Khan had spoke with the wolves and had made theme think that letting Mowgli in in the wolf-pack was a wrong decision. Shere Khan was now able to kill him, as he always wanted. But Mowgli knew that the animals in the jungle was afraid of the fire so he threaten Shere Khan with it. Before he ran away he promised that when he come back next time he was going to bring Shere Khan’s skin to cover the Council Rock.

Mowgli ran away to the village where his real mother and father lived, without knowing it until he got there. There he started to fight to get Shere Khan dead. One day the struggle began and after a couple of hours he had killed Shere Khan with some animals help. A man in the village saw Mowgli talking to an animal and accused him to have black powers. The people in the village tried to kill him.

He returned to the jungle and left Shere Khan’s skin on the Council Rock and told the Pack he was going to hunt alone in the future. But he didn’t leave immediately. First of all he went back to the wolves cave to sleep. Then on the morning he told stories about living with humans and the killing of Shere Khan. He heard that the humans were going to kill him and his real family.

He returned to help theme to escape to another village where they were safe. Mowgli didn’t followed theme, instead he destroyed the village and then he started to hunt alone. But some of his friends and family in the jungle continued to hang out with him. On the spring he felt sad and weak. He thought he would need to run and ran so far until he reached a village. Like the other time he ran away he met his mother. Now was his father dead and he had got a brother. There he stayed until his wolf brother picked him up.

The wolf told him that Kaa, the wolf mother and the pack leader Akela was right when they said: “Man goes to man in the end.” Both of theme ran quickly to the Council Rock where they were going to have a meeting. There Mowgli was going to announce that he would return to the village and live with the humans. Just a few animals got there and Mowgli told theme, as he had planed, that he was going to leave theme and return to the humans. Bagheera came with a bull that freed him and the book ended with Mowgli crying on Baloo’s shoulder, sad of leaving theme.

The language in this book are easy to understand and there for it’s more interesting to read. I thought the book was going to be boring to read but it’s relaxing and at the same time a pleasure. This book isn’t exactly the same story as the jungle books I’ve seen on movie, and because of that you never know what was going to happen. When I noticed that I felt some sort of hunger of the book, I couldn’t stop reading. But I also have some negative opinions ...

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