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Stone cold is about a boy called Link and his life like a dosser in London. The book has two acts, one about Links life and one about a murderer called Shelter.
Link had a normal life from the beginning. He was born 1977 in Brandford, Yorkshire. He had a family, but when his dad ran off with a receptionist when Link was fourteen years old his life began to mess up. His mother meet another guy called Vince who really spoiled Links life. Vince was a boozer and he changed Links mother from beeing a nice “home person” to a person who runs out on parties. Link had a four years older sister, Carole, who support him, but one night something happend between Carole and Vince and when Carole told their mother about it they got into a fight and Carole moved to her boyfriend. Without Caroles support at home it was getting worse for Link and he nearly didn´t finished school. He only got five GCSE and couldn´t get a job.
Vince started grumble that Link lived on his money and one day when Vince had throw him out and then slappt him when he got back, because he consider it was Links fault that he had worried his mother, Link left home. At first he stayed in Brandford and ask for change, but he didn´t get any money. He showed up at his sister once or twice a week to get a decent night´s sleep or for a bath. But Caroles boyfriend Chris didn´t like that so one day Link move on to London.
At first he thought it would be easy to get a job, but although he looked for a job every day he couldn´t find any. So one day his money where all gone and he got kicked out of the room he had rented and he had to live on the street.
It dosen´t go so well for Link and the first night he had to give away his dearest thing, a watch, to another dosser under threaten.
When Link just had laid down to sleep in a doorway that night a guy comes and ask Link to make seat for him to. The guy´s name is Ginger and he had lived like a dosser for about six, seven months and he and Link became friends. Ginger learned Link all about the street-life. In the same time you get to followed Shelters life who weaves together with Link and Gingers life.
Shelter is a murderer and a psychopath who were a former Sergant for the National Service. He was chucked out because of medical grounds, but he think it´s all a plot against him. His goal in life is to clean up the street and get rid of all dossers, junkies etc.
Because his a trained soldier he´s very careful to not leave any tracks after his murder, he trick the people to follow him to his flat there he kills them. He sees to change his pattern by every victim and he hides the victims under the floorboards in his flat.
He even get a cat to not seem suspicious. Shelter had murdered two dossers before his life come to weave together with Link and Gingers.
Link and Ginger meet Shelter one day and ask for some change, but when Shelter doesn´t give them anything and here them laughting when he has past by he decide to take avenge of them.
Shelter begin to keep an eye on Link and Ginger to have the change to murder them in a moment when they don´t are together, because he realize that he couldn´t kill them if they don´t are separate from each other. He murder one more dosser before he get the chance.

Ginger had a meeting with some friends and leave Link by himself a couple of hours. When Ginger gets back Shelter meet him first and trick Ginger that he had knocked Link down and that he is in Shelters flat. Ginger follow Shelter to his flat there Shelter kills him. In the same time are Link looking after Ginger but convince him self that Ginger has gone off with some other friend and not has been killed.
Link meet on of Gingers friends, Toya, who was one of the people Ginger meet that night he disappeared. She tells him that she haven´t seen Ginger since then. Link decides to not get anybody close no more because people only get you down. Some minutes later he get to the caff and see the best looking dosser he had ever seen. She sat down by him and introduce herself as Gail. Link fell in love with her and after that they come to hang together.
So one day Link and Gail meet a man who´s asking for his daughter Tanya who´s they recognize as Toya. They been told that a man had saw her go into the ground floor flat of the house he lived in with a man. Link and Ginger didn´t think more about it til they meet a friend who told them that he had see Ginger go away with the same man who Tanya did go off with the night he disappeared. They began to suspect murder and go to the police, but the police didn´t find anything unusual or suspicious with the man. Link and Gail decide to keep an eye on the man, who is Shelter, but when it starts to rain that day Gail didn´t want to do that so Link went to Shelters house by himself.
When Link stands outside Shelters house he suddenly opens the door and called after his cat. Link feels embarrassed because he had tought Shelter was a serial killer, wich murderer would stand in the rain and calling for his cat, Link thinks. And Link realize that Shelter must have see that he had been waching him so he goes away. But then Shelter stop Link and ask if he has seen his cat and then offer Link a coat. Link says yes and follow Shelter back into the flat to get the coat.
But when Link sees his watch he hade give to a dosser under threaten he realize that his and Gails suspicions that Shelter is a murderer was true. Link couldn´t get out and Shelter remove some boards from the floor. Link tries to escape but Shelter get hold of Link and carries Link over the room and throw him down into the hole were all the corpses is laying. Shelter jumped also down into...

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