My fair lady

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I have chosen to write about the character Eliza.

Eliza is a poor girl who sells flowers in a market in London. She has a very distinguished voice so when the language-professor Mr Higgins visits the market he immediately gets interested in Eliza.
He picks her up and persuades her to follow him home so that he can analyse her voice.

At first Eliza really doesn’t want to follow him, or stay in his home for that matter. But he gives her chocolate and that is absolutely her favourite so she stays with him in his house. But when the ladies who work for him want to take her clothes of she is very reluctant and says frequently “I’m a good girl” and “I’m descent”. And she also gives a very big resistance when they want to give her a bath. Probably she is not use to having people around her who just want to take care of her. Eliza’s mother is probably dead or has disappeared somehow, and she has grown up only with her father. And that can be a reason why she doesn’t want women around her when she isn’t dressed.

Well, Eliza stays with Professor Higgins but it is hard for her to learn how to talk right, especially since Higgins is quite mean to her and not at all encouraging. He is only interested in her speech and not at all in the human being, Eliza.
But at least she makes a break through and can suddenly speak with a normal voice. Everyone are thrilled, especially Eliza, and now Higgins wants to take her to a ball with the queen.
Nobody had ever expected that he would succeed in his learning so he is very proud of himself and buys a lot of things to Eliza, dresses, jewellery and ,of course, as much chocolate as she could ever eat.

At the ball Eliza sweeps every one of their feet because she is so beautiful, even the Queen of England and she gets to dance with a lot of good looking fine men. Even a rumour is spread that Eliza is a princess, so Higgins is very pleased with himself.

The night ends at Higgins’ home and he just talks about his success and nobody notices Eliza. She is very confused. Will Higgins just leave her now, or what is she supposed to do? She confronts Higgins with this but man as he is, he doesn’t understand her and just says that she can have anything that she wants and she can live a life as a fine lady. Of course this is not what Eliza wants to hear and she gets very upset. She doesn’t want to be spoiled or handed like a child.

It all ends with her leaving Professor Higgins’ house, meeting a young man from the ball and they takes a taxi to the market where Eliza used to work. No one recognizes her so she leaves again together with the man.

Eliza can be compared to many different women in the film history, such as Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty...

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