What to do in Seyshelles

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uppladdat: 2004-02-26
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What to do in Seychelles.

Seychelles is an very small island but you can still find many things to do. Seychelles is almost only mountain but it haves many nice beaches, rainforest’s and things like that. One nice beach is takka makka beach. In that beach you are almost alone, like the otter beaches in Seychelles. One otter beach in Seychelles is Intendance. Intendance has many high waves. It is fun to play in it. Intendance is a very big beach. And the best is that you almost have it for you self. And if you want, Pick up a coco nut. It is very nice to vent to Seychelles islands. At the airport can you book tickets. You can fly whit a Dehavilland DCH-6, ore you can fly whit only your family in a Islander. If you fly in a Dehavilland DCH-6 to Praslin island can you find a big rain forest. In that rain forest grows the biggest fruit in the world. It is the dubbel coco nut. That fruit is only growing there. You can also find the black parrot. That bird can you only find on Praslin island in the world. Another nice island is Bird island. Bird islands airport is a 1374 meter long runway and the surface is grass. The island have on hotel, no markets and you can walk around it in two hours. The snorkelling is fantastic. You can see turtle, corals, Sharks, Many fishes and exclusive the nice water. The hotel is a small room whit a large bed, a shower and a toilet. Take the aircraft to Denis island. That runway is 1700 meters long and the surface is grass. The island has only one small hotel.

Seychelles has latitude 2730. You can went to Seychelles by air Seychelles from Charles de Gaulle ore from London. If you fly whit Air Seychelles are you flying whit a Boeing 767-300. If you fly whit British airways are you flying a Boeing 747-400. It is a twin engine. You cant Departure from Arlanda airport because the runway there is to short. You can fly down to Charles de Gaul in Paris. The normal plane to fly down there is a Airbus A319 or a Airbus A320.

A typical day.

You wake up in the morning because the sun lights in your room and you hear the paradise birds sing happy songs. You go out from the room and it is 27 degrees C. You have some breakfast and go only 30 meters to get to the beach. When you are going in the white sand on the very big beach can you see that you are alone on the beach. You want to swim and run down to the water. The water is clean and you see fishes in different sizes and colours. You take on your snorkel and swim out. Then you see a shark swim around you, but don’t worry. They are not danger. When it is little deeper you sea a big turtle swim around down there. It is a very nice view. You see corals in different colours, And many shells. No…. that is enough fore now. You want to go up on the beach and take some sun. After one half hour you feel hungry. You pick up a coco nut and open it your self. That was taste great. But you are steel hungry. The time is 12 a clock, so you go to a restaurant and take some food. You order one red snapper and potatoes to that and a fanta to drink. Mmm…… what a good fish. It is the Seychelles best fish. Now you want to take a walk. You take the buss Victoria city and go around in the town. You can past it fore 10 minutes. You see some clods and want to buy home it as a souvenir. Then you go and buy a An mango and eat it. The time is already 5 a clock and it is time for dinner. You try eat Bat to dinner but it is don’t taste so good. Time to go to the hotel. At...

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Inactive member [2004-02-26]   What to do in Seyshelles
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