A Boy Called It

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Author: Dave Pelzer

Book Review by Jacob Folbrycht

"A boy called It" is a biographical book about Dave Pelzer´s hideous growth in Dale City, CA.
David´s family is very much like the ordinary all American family, but one day everything turns into hell. His mother is mentally ill and always hits and punishes him for things he hadn´t even done or things such as looking on her or dropping a fork or a knife.
She starved him out, and makes him do all the chores that she, as a mother, is supposed to do.
By the time this evilness started, Dave was about 4 years old, so he never thought about contacting anyone else. This was because he had such great respect for his sadistic mother.
She made him eat his own brother´s defecation, which is totally unimaginable and very disgusting for ordinary people, such as Me and You.
Dave sees his father as his only chance to escape from this misery and house of pain, but the father leaves the family, and most of all - He leaves Dave to his destiny.
David becomes more and more hateful, and starts hating his brothers. He gets raging when he hears his brothers play outside on the garage front, when he gets to live in the darkness inside the garage. But his brothers can´t help this and they are a bit younger that Dave, so for them this is pretty common.
His mother was mentally ill, as i mentioned earlier, and she has her ´favourite games´ as well. Sometimes she makes Dave drink washing detergent that contains ammonia. This corrodes and hurts his throat very much, and sometimes he´s unable to speak.
Another game that satisfies his mother is the ´bathing game´. She makes him lay completely naked in freezing cold water, in the bathtub for several hours. If she caught him making a slight of a move, she hits him very much.
David has to wear the same clothes for numerous of months and automatically begins to smell much. He starts stealing food either from the school kid’s lunch boxes or from the school cafeteria. He gets caught by the teachers or the personnel very often. One day all the kids get lockers, so that Dave can´t steal and the Cafeteria recruits more and more personnel.
Everybody thinks David is a disgusting and a rude kid who never showers and always steals, but they don´t know the terrible truth about his appearance and acts.
His home school teacher Stephen Krieger suspects mischief, and somehow he finds out the reason to Dave’s strange acts, and so he call the police.
When the policeman takes David away from his mother’s custody, he gets petrified and thinks that he had done something wrong or that he got caught stealing some food from the cafeteria.
But soon he finds out that he had been rescued and that he’s going to escape from his mothers painful treatment, and the policeman brings him to a foster home. There he gets together with other kids that also has some kind of reason being there. Now he can get along with his new life and do all those things that he missed during his first years.

“A boy called It” has two sequels, also written by Dave Pelzer, and these are about his teenage years and his growth as a man. They are named “The Lost Boy” and “A Man named Dave”. He’d also written a book about the human being, and how to make some sentence into your life. It’s called “Help Yourself”.
Dave later on became a writer and he gradually joined the US Air Force.

My Personal opinion

When I heard about this book, I never thought that It would be so intimate and so touching. Pelzer has really put in his soul when he wrote this book, and some people say that he made this story up, but if you’ve read it, you cannot deny the genuine story.
It’s unimaginable to unders...

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