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The movie started by seeing a man sitting on a bench at a bus station. When I first saw that man called Forrest Gump sit there, I thought that the movie would be boring and he would just sit there and talk about his life all the movie. Well, he did actually sit and talk about his life almost all the time but it was on a different way then I expected. It was more like a movie and a man where speaking in the background and I liked that!
People come and go and with each one of them, he had a little chat and talked about his life.

The first part of his life was when he was a little boy with a low IQ level and metallic sticks on his legs. I felt sorry for him when I saw him get on the school bus with these metallic sticks on the legs. All the boys and most of the girls made fun of him and put their legs in front of him so that he would fall.
But there was one little girl called Jenny that offered a seat to Forrest and they became best friends! When they became friends I just thought: “good, now he finally have a girl that can be with that poor little guy and defend him”.

But the best part of his youth was when some bad guys from his class chased Forrest on bikes and Forrest ran as fast as he could. Then suddenly some miracle happened and the metallic sticks just popped of from his legs and he ran almost faster than a car.
Now that Forrest could run that fast I thought he now wouldn’t have any problems with the bad guys.

Eventually Forrest started at college and continued to be a friend with Jenny. But Jenny had some problems with the guys she liked. Because of Forrest, he was so overprotective. One time a guy started kissing Jenny against her will. Forrest saw that and got really mad, so he started punching the guy who did that and Jenny told Forrest to stop! She went away a little bit irritated by Forrest’s behavior. When I saw that I just fell that Jenny had wrong and Forrest had right. He just wanted to help her but she just got angry with Forrest. Jenny left Forrest.

Forrest started playing football for the college team and he wasn’t so good if you ask me. At the first games, when he got the ball he would just run fast out of the football arena. Later on he got pretty good and scored some goals. Afterwards, Forrest and his team got to shake hands with the president, and that was good except when he said he had to go to the toilet.

Forrest joined the army and fought the Vietnam War. Forrest’s friend Bubba died there and I felt really sorry for him. But still, Forrest tried to save the injured and for that he got the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Forrest met Lieutenant Dan that was very injured. He’s legs were blown away and he just hated that. Forrest became a bit friend of Lieutenant Dan. After the war when Forrest received the Congressional Medal of Honor Lieutenant Dan came to see Forrest, but Dan had a new look. He had longer hair, a beard and looked like an alcoholic. I was surprised when I saw him like that, because he seemed more like a gentleman when he were in the army.

Finally! Now Forrest found Jenny at a big peace demonstration. Jenny had joined a group of peace activists. I thought that was really good but when I saw her sniffing drugs I couldn’t believe how she started with these things. She was such a nice girl and now she is sniffing drugs. That was strange!

There was one guy that beat Jenny. Forrest saw that and as usual he went up and punched the guy on the jaw. I was really surprised that a peace activist like him could just hit Jenny; but the drugs must have affected his behavior. Jenny had a long walk with Forrest talking about everything she had gone through. But the next day, she left with the peace activist’s bus and continued her journey across America. That’s too bad, because I thought they’ve found each other and now they could be together. But I was wrong.

One day, Forrest’s mother became really sick. She had cancer and died. That was really sad, because his mother was the one that taught him everything, she was the one that raised him because his father was gone, and she was the one that taught him that everybody are all the same.

In somehow, Forrest started running. First he ran to Jenny’s old house then to the city and then he crossed the boarders and entered another state. If he had come this far, he could as well continue and he did. He ran through America and kept running. That wasn’t normal I thought, how could he just run for three years without even take a break, really strange man. He even got famous at the TV and other people started following him. After three years of running he just suddenly stopped running and continued his “normal” life.

Of all the money Forrest had collected from the ping-pong tournaments, he bought a big fishing ship. He named it of course to “Jenny”. That’s really romantic I thought, but I don’t think he’d use that name for his ship if he’d know she were on drugs. First time he went out to try it, he saw Lieutenant Dan on land. Forrest jumped into the water from the fishing boat and told Lieutenant Dan to come aboard the ship. He did that and said that he could work with Forrest. Forrest became really happy and I was happy that Dan had someone to be with. Because there isn’t so many that wants to be with Dan because of his legs, he doesn’t have any.

Day after day Dan and Forrest went out to fish, but they didn’t catch anything but garbage. That was very unlucky! One day when they were out a very big storm came across the sea but they still kept fishing. Forrest was afraid (like I would’ve been if I were in his position) and Dan was very excited. And that seemed to be a sign from god that said they would have more luck when they were fishing in the future.
And sure, it was a sign. Afterwards it kept coming and coming tons of fish and shellfish. They had so much that they started selling all over the world and they started the fishing company “Bubba Gump’s Fishing Company”.
That was really good I thought, now Forrest and Dan became millionaires because of a big storm.

Jenny sent an invite card to Forrest after seeing him running on the TV. That’s why he’s waiting on the bus station and at the same time talking with people about his life.
There was one lady sitting beside him, she asked what he was going to do. Forrest said he went to visit Jenny and told her Jenny’s address. The lady said he didn’t have to take a bus; he could walk to her home down the street. So he ran to her home and knocked on the door.
There she was, Jenny. Finally they’ve met again and they can be together I thought.

She showed him a surprise. Jenny had a son and I was very surprised. Who could the father be? I thought. She said his name was Forrest junior, named after his daddy. Then I realized that Forrest Gump was the father of Forrest junior. But Forrest didn’t understand that this was his son, he thought there was another man with the name Forrest.
So she explained that Forrest junior was his son.
Forrest became so happy; he went over to talk to his new boy. Now he has a smart son I thought, a cute one too. Lucky Forrest!

Later on, Forrest married Jenny. The...

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