English review of the book Forrest GUmp by Winston Groom

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This book is about Forrest Gump, a so called idiot. But the truth is that he may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make him any less worthy his fellow humans respect.
Despite he is under the average intelligence-level, he have done the most amazing thing, which the average people, even them who is cleverer than him, wouldn’t manage. He is a war hero, mathematical genius, footballstar who has played in a high-ranked college team, been an NASA-astronaut, been in a band, been an international chess player, meet two of United States presidents, played ping-pong in China and representing the US and there met Chinas chairman Mao, started an multimillion shrimp business, become a millionaire and give all his money away to a son that he only have met once.
Forrest mother taught him the importance of being honest and do the right thing, but when trying, Forrest always gets himself in trouble. For example, one time he gets on the cover of every newsmagazine where he showed the president of the USA his bottom. The thing that actually happened was that the president had showed Forrest his war injury on this stomach, and Forrest was showing the president his own, on his bottom.
Forrest have done some remarkable things, but all the ever wanted was to be loved by Jenny Curran, a girl that had always been nice to him and that he has known since 1st grade. Despite everything that happens in the book, Forrest always loves her, and would do anything for her, he evens get in jail because of her.
The book was a little hard to read and understand, because of the way the author has written. He has written all the words the way you would pronounce it and he have done many grammar mistakes. When reading the book, you really have to concentrate when trying to understand the words or the sentence, but gradually, you get more and more used to it. But this only gave the book more character, because he had written it like an idiot would write it, how Forrest would. Here is an example from the book.

“My daddy, he got kilt just after I’s born, so I never known him. He worked down to the docks as a longshoreman an one day a crane was takin a big net load of bananas off one of them United Fruit Company boats an somethin broke an the bananas fell down on my daddy an squashed him flat as a pancake. One time I heard some men talking bout the accident – say it was a helluva mess, half ton of all them bananas an my daddy squished underneath. I don’t care for them bananas much myself, cept for banana pudding. I like that alright.”

I believe that the author intention was, apart from telling this amazing story, to make people understand how “idiots” may get treated, and that you shouldn’t get treated any way different just because of theirs intelligence quote. They are just like every other person, and maybe just as successful or even more than you. And Forrest Gump is a proof of that.
My opinion of this book is that it’s a very interesting, amusing and charming story. When reading it you will never get bored, because everything happens so fast and something new constantly occurs. W...

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Inactive member [2006-03-08]   English review of the book Forrest GUmp by Winston Groom
Mimers Brunn [Online]. https://mimersbrunn.se/article?id=5800 [2022-08-15]

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