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Every country, every culture has something to learn from each other. I feel that there are a lot of good things here in Sweden, but at the same time I feel that there are good things in the USA that we don't have here. In this essay I want to talk about gun laws, medical insurance and school. 


I am convinced that  if we took the good things from both countries, we would have an amazing world to live in. But that’s not the case here. I feel very grateful for our medical insurance , we don’t need to pay if we get hurt. If you need to go to the hospital for some time, it’s okay because it’s free. But in the USA it’s expensive to get the help you need if you are sick. You need to have a pretty expensive insurance , wich not everybody has, and I understand them. The good thing about the US is that it’s easy to study. Sure you need to have the money, not always but in some cases. It’s not unusual to go to college etc. Here in Sweden I feel like it’s hard to get a good education. You need to pick your ‘’high school’’ in the 9th grade. I didn’t like school back then so i chose something ‘’easy’’ , Hairdressing. I don’t regret it but now I know what I want to do and yes i am working on my Swedish , English and after that maths. But the thing is, if you go to university, they want students who have been doing samhälle or nature in gymnasiet. So if I get good grades from komvux, it’s not as good as if I would pick another line in gymnasiet. All people around the world, i am convinced they all want good medical help and have all possibilities to study whatever they want to do, no matter what you choose when you were fifteen years old. 


One other thing I love about Sweden is our gun policy. It breaks my heart every time i read in the news paper about another school shooting. For me, living in Sweden, It is CRAZY that you can just walk into a store and buy a gun, like it’s nothing. When i watch documentaries about the gun laws in the USA and what the people there think about it, I get scared. Many people are like ‘’I have a gun, I need to protect myself and my family’’ but obviously it doesn't work. Here in sweden, it works without guns. It’s terrible that kids grow up to think that it’s okay to have a gun.  


My conclusion is that both countries have their  plus and minus. If I think about how it was here in Sweden a few years ago, I loved it. But now it feels like we are seperated, we have more shootings than ever before, cars are on fire and people are dying, innocent people. Not to the extent like in the USA but still it is not okay. Sweden's political system is also failing us, and it’s the same in the USA.

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