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Childearing is defined as the process of raising a child or taking care of him-her. This period of childrearing can continue until children become old enough to take care of themselves. In this period of children and parents life, love, care and interest should be given by the parents to their children. They are the most important things to raise a good child. But unfortunately these things were not found in the past from 100 years ago. The kind of childrearing in that time was authoritarian parenting. In this situation the parents are dictatorial and want the child to be fast and quick to do what they parents want without any hesitation. The parents do not allow the child to express or explain what he/she thinks or feels.


By this way, the children are not to be seen, not heard. This is what we read in Katherine Mansfield's text which called "Sixpence" she says that "children are unaccountable little creatures". In her text, she speaks about a boy who is called "Dicky". She describes how his parents behave with him. Dicky has cold hearted parents. They depend on punishment, beating and whipping to raise Dicky. One day Dicky broke a great big plate as the writer writes. Mrs Spears was his mother when she heard about this, she said "very well Dicky, "I shall have to think of some way of punishing you". Mrs Spears said to Mr Bendall "I used to try gentle measures " soaping the boy "tongues for instance, with yellow soap, or making them stand on the table for the whole of Saturday afternoon. But no one believes me "there is nothing like handing them over the father". Anyway, i think that whipping and punishment are not good ways of childrearing. Children are just like babies. They should have enough freedom to explore, understand, and live as safe and happy creatures.


A good thing exists at the end of "Sixpence" which is regret. But the question is does this regret work? Edward "Dicky's father" said " but could even that, could even a whole sixpence blot out what had been?

Like this seems the way of childrearing out 100 years ago. Katherine's text was a good example about how childrearing was 100 years ago.

It was different and its purpose was to teach how children should behave in a correct way. There was no sense of modernism.


In contrast to childrearing 100 years ago, today's children are more attracted to technology and invention such as computers, mobiles, playstation and Tv.


In contrast to 100 years there was no surfing facebook, checking email or text messages. Children were more communicated with their parents. Communication is less nowadays due to distraction. Today life is faster and modern. Household devices change like ( washing machine and microwave). Healthcare becomes more important. Parents begin to emphasize our kids emotional needs and psychological situations. Beating and Whipping are not allowed nowadays. Parent's ideas are affected not only by beliefs about childhood but also by understanding of psychology of the child. 

In the end, it is a good thing if we know that every period has its pros and cons aspects. We can not say that childrearing 100 years would have been easier or children today is worse. There are many aspects which have effects like: time, technology and the whole world. I think that there are many great things from the past such as respecting elders and family relationships, and there are great things from the present such as technology and hygiene. I hope that I can keep an eye on both periods as a father over the coming days.


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Eva Hedencrona, Peter Watcyn-Jones, karin Smed-Gerdin (Solid Gold 2. 2015).

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