The Black Cat

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uppladdat: 2020-06-09
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The Black Cat


Edgar Allan Poe is one great writers of Gothic Literature and various components he incorporates into his stories. Story is about a man married to a woman that he loved. They owned animals like birds, dogs, goldfish and cat that they found. The cat was black and that why called it Pluto because black represents darkness and death. Mr. Groper use to feed it and it attended him wherever he went about the house. Mrs. Groper does not like the cat and she thought that it will bring bad luck to their house. Mr. Groper is an alcoholic and one day he was angry and he took out one of the cats eyes and the next day he felt some guilt for what he did. 


He knew that cat loved him and had given him no reason of offense. One day he was angry and drunk that's why hung the cat and want to kill the cat. In the night he woke up and see that the curtains burning in his room and woke his wife up and went out. In the morning he saw the whole house burned. Then they had to find another house and they found an apartment which was near their old house. 


Mr. Groper missed his animals and that's why he visited an animal house to found a cat like Pluto. He found a black cat like Pluot but it has white color on the chest. Mrs. Grouper was not happy to see black cat at home again. 


One day Mr. Groper was angry again and he wanted to hit the cat with axe and he hit accidently his wife instead but he hit her again in the head because he was interference and she fall death in place. He tries to hide her body somewhere but it was not that easy. Finally he decided to put his wife's body in the basement. 


After four days police came and asked him about his disappearance of his wife and he answered that he had searched everywhere and he did not found anything. The author does not say anything about what happened with the cat. 


This story was a gothic story and the gothic story an international type of stories which characterized as horror, romans and fiction stories. The writing of gothic stories begins in England of Horace Walpole who was the first one of the gothic story writers and he wrote The Castle of Otranto 1765.



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Hasan Ali [2020-06-09]   The Black Cat
Mimers Brunn [Online]. [2024-07-22]

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