The Celts

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uppladdat: 2020-06-12
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The Celts around 700 BC, another group of people began to arrive on the island. Many of them were tall, and had blond or red hair and blue eyes. These were the Celts. It is thought that this people came from central Europe or further east, from southern Russia. When they came to Britain, they organized themselves in tribes. They are important in British history because they are the ancestors of many of the people in Highland Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Cornwall today. Celtic languages, which have been continuously used in some areas since that time, are still spoken today. Our knowledge of the Celts is limited. As with previous groups of settlers, it is not known for sure whether or not the Celts invaded Britain or came peacefully as a result of trade. The Celts were technically advanced. They knew how to work with iron, and could make more effective weapons than the people who used bronze. This use of iron technology and their introduction of more advanced ploughing methods made it possible for the Celts to farm heavier soils. The increase of hill-forts, particularly in the southeast, suggests that the Celts were highly successful farmers, growing enough food for a much larger population. G T A The grave of one of the "Beaker” people about 1800 BC The Stanwick horse shows the fine artistic work of Celtic metalworkers. Dated around AD 50. Maiden Castle Hill-fort 4 The hill-fort was the centre for local groups. The insides of these hill-forts were filled with houses and they became simple economic capitals. They remained local economic centres long after the Romans came to Britain, and long after they left. The Celtic tribes were ruled over by a warrior class. The Priests, or Druids, seem to have been particularly important members of this class. The Druids could not read or write, however, they memorized all the religious teachings, the tribal laws, medicine, history and knowledge that was important to the Celtic society. We know little of their worship except that at times it included human sacrifice. During the Celtic period women may have been more independent than they would be again for hundreds of years. When the Romans invaded Britain, two of the largest tribes were ruled over by women warriors. The most powerful, and successful, Cel...

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Hasan Ali [2020-06-12]   The Celts
Mimers Brunn [Online]. [2024-07-22]

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