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Once upon a time, there was a 15 years old boy called Peter. He lived with his rich stepmother, Berit, in the small town Raise field. Berit as I told, she was unbelievably rich and had a really huge house, or perhaps I should call it for a castle. Anyway Berit, who had been as a mother to Peter, was the only relative Peter known about, so one day when he was going to the local pub; ”Pub Nelson”, as he always used to do at the evenings, he saw a golden bottle in the green container outside the pub. The bottle was really dirty, so Peter took it home, so he could wipe the dirt away from the bottle. When he wiped all the dirt away, something really odd happened, the bottle started to shake. Suddenly a spirit came out from the bottle. The spirit was almost transparent and smelled like old shrimp. Peter directly understood what was going on. - It’s a magic bottle!
The Spirit said to Peter -Finally, I have been in this bottle for over two centuries. My last owner, Horatio Nelson, or should I call him Sir Captain Nelson, used my wish just for win The Battle of Trafalgar against the France and the Spain. Peter is your name, right! Peter, you might heard of the famous Nelson Touch, it was actually I who made up the whole idea. Of course he died, but I kept my word, the wish got accomplished. Well now enough about him. As you know you have only one wish to use, so please use it more carefully then my last owner.
Peter was shocked, at first he couldn’t really realise that he had a real spirit in his house. For the second, Peter didn’t really know what to believe. Captain Nelson who Peter just had read about in the history class, did he actually not come with the famous Nelson Touch. After a few seconds Peter already had forgotten about Captain Nelson when he saw the spirit took a book called ”The Da Vinci Code” and sat down in the sofa to read about it.
-You know. The spirit said. -Leonardo Da Vinci has been one of my owners, he told me exactly like this what he wanted; I wish I shall be known as one of the greatest. . . -Wait! Peter said. -You mean I can wish whatever I want, he said with a nervous tone.
- Yes, except from wishes like the ordinary ;I wish I have unlimited with wishes, the spirit said. - Ok, then I wish I could get the opportunity to own the local pub ”Pub Nelson”.
- The spirit said -your wish is my law! And just like that, the spirit and the bottle disappeared.
Suddenly it rang on the bell. Peter ran directly to the door, -I wonder who it can be. When he opened, there stood two men in black, Peter thought they looked like “The Blues Brothers”.
The two men said to Peter -Your men are waiting for your signal, Boss. Peter had no idea what they talked about. But when he had thought about it for a few seconds, he started to realise what they meant. “The spirit most have done me to a sort of mafia leader I suppose”, he thought. So Peter tried to se if what he thought was truth. - Who am I? He asked. Don’t you know who you are? You’re the Boss over the British mafia. Peter didn’t really know what to say. “Should I use them so I can take over the Pub?!” He thought. -Boss the men are still waiting for your signal. Don’t you want them to take over the Pub so you can own it? Peter had to make a choice quickly and he did. -Tell the men to do their job! Peter and his two bodyguards went to the pub to see if they where finished yet.
When Peter and his two bodyguards arrived, a group of soldiers, dressed in black, with a man in the front, went to Peter. The man started to speak with Peter. -The pub is now your Boss. We have already rigged up the sign for the pub as you wanted. Peter got shocked when he saw what it stood on the sign “Peter’s Pub”. Peter couldn’t say anything, he felt like he had landed into what the Buddhism call “Nirvana”. When he went in to the pub he woke up. There was a body on the floor. “Oh Jesus!” he thought. This was the first corpse he had ever seen. “This wasn’t worth it” He realized. Peter told the bodyguards to wait for him, because he needed to go to the bathroom. When Peter was at the bathroom and wondered what he would do, the solution came in through the door. A soldier came in to the bathroom and went in to one of the toilets. Peter saw that the soldier had a bomb in his pocket. There did not exist another solution. -I have to blow the Pub up into ashes with the mafia men inside. When the soldier came out from the toilet, Peter knocked him down, draw him in to the toilet and took the bomb. When he came out from the bathroom, he went directly to the cocktail cabinet a...

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