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uppladdat: 2017-01-11
Cédric Berger

Cédric Berger 16 år

Torsby En, Värmlands Län, Sweden
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Text: American Election

I choose to talk about Trump’s vision on healthcare, because it is very odd,
meaning his vision of it. In a debate he stated that he wanted to shut down
Obamacare since it is ”broken in every possible way” but before going in to this
any deeper, allow me to explain the American healthcare to you. So basically
you are forced by law to have a sort of health insurance, now this does now fit
the lower income citizens of America since healthcare costs quite a lot, and if
you have a cheap healthcare then it doesn’t mtter since you only get somewhat
of your medical fees back in case you have an accident. Now here comes the
good part, Barack Obama started up a program called ”obamacare” to provide
Lower income residences with a decent health insurance, so that they would
not have to worry about that and start visioning a better future and job. Then,
back to what Trump thinks about this; Basically for all he cares the government
shouldn’t take care of people’s well-being, but if you have a terminal disease
you should be able to apply for a insurance, which is a good thing otherwise
everyone without insurance who is declared ill will not be able to pay and will
basically die if they can’t pay for the treatment. Trump just wants to get rid of
the single-payer idea since it goes against what he stands for, he wants a
”every man for himself” sort of thing. So ultimately what we can conclude is
that Trump has some positive and some negative points of view on the
healthcare in America, but he wants tax-deductible health insurance premiums,
since the insurance corporations earn a lot of money on the tax they don’t have
to pay because it’s already merged with the insurance fee.

My view of this is that Trump wants to shut down Obamacare, which I think is a
horrible choice because this is one of the few ways poor people can manage.
Also Trump’s statements about Obamacare being a fraud is completely wrong
because they do not get any money for Obamacare, they only spend it, in
favour of the citizens. Although we have noticed Trump is much of a talker, so
honestly we will just have to wait and see as for what he actually will do. What I
think is better about Trump is that he has some good opinions too, like him
wanting to allow already sick-declared people to be able to get into healthcare,
which will cover for a bit of the fall of Obamacare. To conclude this article I
would like to say that Trump is a scumbag, but with a small heart, he just

doesn’t have the brains to realize that a lot of things he says are incorrect, sinc...

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Kommentarer på arbetet

  • Cédric Berger 2017-01-11

    Tror att någon har stulit min text, se upp alla lärare ✌

  • Franco Sabbagh 2017-01-16

    riktig svenne


Cédric Berger [2017-01-11]   American Uppsats
Mimers Brunn [Online]. [2018-06-23]

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