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Area: 154 km2
Citizens: 255 000
People per km2: 1 633

Seasons & Climate

Malmö´s climate is very variable, but it has the very typical Swedish climate. In the summer the temperature usually stays between 15-20o (C), it´s warm, sunny, and most children spend their time doing outdoor activities and swimming in the sea. The typical summer day in Malmö would be a bright, sunny, warm day. Summer in Malmö lasts from around June-August.

In the autumn it gets colder, and the water cools down so it´s usually windy. The colorful trees loose their levees, the temperature get colder, and usually stay around 5-10o (C). Autumn is often very windy but sunny in Malmö, and it lasts from around September-November.

When it´s winter, it snows and many enjoy ice skating in central Malmö, where there´s an ice skating place open day and night! But it´s not all good, the roads are very icy and slippery, so more accidents happen at this time of the year. People must wear warm clothes in winter, because the temperature is usually below zero.
A typical winter in Malmö is often gray, cloudy and foggy, but there are also sunny, bright and cold days. There´s usually a lot of sleet too, like in the rest of south Sweden.

Spring time! Spring is a mild time of the year, often windstill and sunny. It´s getting warmer toward summer, and the temperature now stays above 10o (C). Plants are growing and at spring there are many different types of flowers growing here and there, and it´s sunny almost everyday.

The climate in Malmö has the typical Scandinavian weather: warm summers and cold winters, in other words: a humid continental climate. As told on previous page, the weather is very variable during the year, but is in general mild. There are many parks, canals, plants and beaches in Malmö.

Plants and Animal Life

The wildlife in Malmö, Skåne isn´t very rich. Red deer´s are wild animals that can only be found in Skåne. Unfortunately, red deer´s are being exterminated. There are mostly farming lands and plains, so there are a lot of rabbits and other small animals living in the wild in Skåne. There´s not a lot of forest here because of the farming, and that makes it harder for larger animals like the red deer to live here, because they´ll probably end up shot or killed on the motorway. A reason for getting shot is that since there aren´t many forests, so they seek to the farming land where the farmers don´t want them. Some common wild animals are bears, moose, and wild pigs.

Some other common wild flowers in Skåne during summer are orchids, irises, lilacs, small roses and daffodils. There are many small common flowers that can be found by the road or hiding in the mosses. Daisies are the most common flowers.

How the Climate Affects People

How does the weather/climate affect the people living in Malmö? They are adapted too the climate, which is perfect for farming. Even though farming mostly occur outside Malmö, it´s actually the most common job in Skåne. Farming methods were very helpful to nomads, who settled down and started farming. Actually, farming in Sweden began here, in Skåne.

In the winter, as mentioned on previous page, people living here need warm clothing to keep warm. Since the climate changes dramatically during the year, people need to adapt to the weather and wear different types of clothes.

The climate also affects schools in the area. Sometimes when it´ s too windy, snowy, rainy or similar, the schools close for a day or two.

It´s not without a reason Malmö is called the city of parks, but it´s not only the parks that give the city its name. Even other things like canals, beaches. People enjoy taking boat rides on the canals, and there are boat tours to take for tourists. It´s one of the city´s main assets. Malmö is located by the sea, and has three main beaches, all by Öresund´s
coast. Ribersborg, called "Ribban" or "The Scandinavian Copacabana" is a long sand beach near the center of the city. There are very few beaches in its kind located as close to a city as Malmö.
People can also fish or windsurf at Sibbarp or near the boat harbor.
In the south of Malmö you´ll find yet another sand beach, Klangshamn.

Malmö is one of Sweden´s main seas shipping cities with the most crowded ship traffic in Sweden. Also, Malmö has a canal-connection with Travemünde in Germany. 1974, more than 24 500 ships arrived at Malmö, thereby 23 400 foreign. Mostly petroleumproducts, iron, steal, and other metals but also foods are shipped. Sometimes there are shipping´s with sand or oils.

The many streams dividing Malmö has in the latest century gone through many changes. To use the streams in good of the people there have been built dams and windmills. From the middle of the 1800´s there have been major physical changes made in the streams like canalizing. During the 1900´s the streams have been used for recipients for sewage from industries and societies, or sewage from farms. But the latest 20 years many changes have occurred, and the streams are now cleaner.
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