The Globe

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The Globe

Yesterday I went to the Globe. I had never been there before and I was really looking forward to it. I had heard a lot about the Globe so I had some expectations. When I got there I bought the cheapest ticket you could find, a standing ticket. I went inside and luckily I was a bit early so I got to stand right in front of the scene. The stage was about 1,2 metres high so I could easily rest my arms on it and lean against it. As the theatre filled up with expectant spectators I watched them with pleasure. You could easily see which social class they belonged to. The people standing around me obviously came from the same social class as myself. The gallery was filled with people both from the middle and the upper class. The upper class even had cushions to sit on. I realised that when I saw the servants rent them and bring them to their masters. When I saw two persons enter the stage carrying chairs I thought the play was going to begin, but I was mistaken. The chairs were only brought there for a rich couple who wanted to have the best seats. They wore clothes that you easily could see were extremely expensive. They also had strange hairdos that probably were the latest in fashion. The reason was obviously just to show off. Where I stood it was warm and crowded. Around me I heard a constant sound of cracking nuts and the sound level was high. People seemed to be very enthusiastic and were chatting a lot with the people surrounding them. However, when a man entered the stage the crowd became surprisingly quiet. The man started to read the prologue to a play called Romeo and Juliet.

My first reaction when the actors entered the stage was that young boys played the female roles. I first thought it was quite ridiculous but I soon got used to it. The stage was amazingly empty throughout the whole play. The only things on the stage were the actors and some necessarily properties. The play was both a comedy and a tragedy. I thought it was astounding that the entire crowd, both the rich and the poor, laughed at the same jokes. Throughout the play spectators commented loudly their opinions on what was happening on the stage. The actors followed some instructions quite willingly but were also disturbed by some and ignored them. The people around me kept on cracking their nuts, which was very irritating, some of them even threw the nutshells up on the stage. The most annoying thing that happened occurred in the last part of the play. The play had a very sad ending, and the rich couple took advantage of this to draw attention to themselves, by starting to laugh out loud. Of course they got the reaction they wanted because ...

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