The Romantic period & Mary Shelley

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The romantic period & Mary Shelley


The Romantic period was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement in Europe in the 18th century.

In the epoch of the romatic period everything were supposed to be written or heard with beauty.

The books were filled with alot of emotions and feelings and same with the music and paintings.

It’s very hard to put the romatic period into a certain year because everything didn’t happen at the same time. It started in Europe and spread like a fire to America, And every country had it’s own style.

This epoch had a very big influence with all it’s litterature and on the society.

Most peotle see this style as an escape from reality, people wanted to get away from their regular lifestyle and wanted to be a part of a more lifestyle with different emotions and exotic times of history.

The dark litterature was very romantic where you can read about death and romance at a same time with scary and fascinating thoughts.

You wanted to achieve the feelings you had in a dream where only our imagination and thoughts were collected in one place.

A typical romantic book stands for the simple and original life you had but written with more emotions and details about everything.


An author who became famous under the romantic period was the author Mary Shelley.


Mary Shelley were born as Mary Wollstonecraft the 30th august 1797 in London and died 1st februari 1851.

She were an british roman end novel author that published alot of books.

She were the dauther of the famous political filosof William Godwin and the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

Mary married the romatic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Before they married he was already married with another girl so he and Mary had an affair, when her parents discovered that they told Mary that they would not be associated with her anymore.

When Mary were 16 years old she and her husband spent a summer at Genéve lake in Schweiz 1816 and it was there she got the idea to write the famous gothic novel Frankenstein who became a best seller really fast.

1818 the couple left Britain for Italy where their second and third child died and in 1822 her husban...

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