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This composition is about how a young man named Brian Warner becomes a famous Goth singer named Marilyn Manson.
I choice to write about him because some people are spreading rumours’ about him and I wont to know if it’s true or just tales…

How it all begun 1988- 1994

1988- 1989
Brian Warner was a journalist but he wanted to be a poet.
So just like all others non-famous poets he went every Thursdays to a small club named Squeeze.
But every time he performed the told him that he sucks and that he should try something else like music because some of the people thought that he had a good voice.
But Brian told them all to go to hell (like many times before) he was a poet not a singer. And that’s it.
But after a couple of month with struggling he decided to give music a chance.
He always thought that the song that the bands were playing was meaningless and he decided that a new band with new songs would arise (like Phoenix from the ashes).

The very next day he found one member to the band, his name was Brian Tutunick and he played bass- guitar.
A couple of days later Scott Putesk enjoy the band as a guitarist.
And now the have to find a synthesizer- player. And he showed up. His name was Stephen Bier but he didn’t have a synth so he would buy one as soon as possible.

After a couple of small concerts they were discovered by a journalist who studied metal bands and he thought that they were the best metal bans he ever heard.
The band was now on their way up.
They were on the TV- shows, and the radio.
Brian Warner decided to change his name so he took Marilyn from the famous actress Marilyn Monroes and Manson from the mass murderer Charles Manson.
Even Scott change his name to Daisy Berkowitz and the others quit the band.


In 1990 two others enjoyed the band; Olivia Newton Bundy (bass- guitar) And Zsa Zsa Speck (keyboard).
But they didn’t stay long so Gidget Gein took over the bass and Madonna Wayne Gacey took over the keyboard.
They named the band Marilyn Manson and the spooky kids.


Their first gig were at Churchill Hideaway in Miami.
Only twenty persons were at the concert. In the meantime they got the honour to be a warm-up band to NIN.
Marilyn and the singer in NIN Trent Reznor become friends. Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids got a lot of support from NIN and it helped them to grow not only musical but also as persons. After a few more gigs and songs in the radio they were on their way up.
On the concerts Marilyn could play in a ruin dress and Madonna Wayne Gacey could play in a “market” named Poko’s PlayGround. But the only miss was that they didn’t have a drummer. But they founded one named Fred Streitors Jr. He had something wrong with his legs that made him slow down and he didn’t keep up to the others. But Marilyn didn’t give a dammed about it. Fred changed his name to Sara Lee Lucas.
At this time they’d released four singles named; Meat Beat Cleaver Beat, Big Black Bus, Cake and Sodomy and My monkeys.


Marilyn thought that the bands name sounded just like a cartoon movie so they decided to change the name to only Marilyn Manson and Marilyn decided to call himself Mr. Manson. Now they were working on a new song named Drop Hate.

After the name change Epic records invited them to come to New York and play for Michael Goldstone. But unfortunately it didn’t lead any were.
A couple of weeks later Marilyn got a phone call from Trents manager and he told them that they (Marilyn Manson) are going on their first real tour.
Marilyn Manson signed a contract and now their first LP were manage to let out; Portrait Of An American Family.
Mr. Manson were nominated to best singer and the song Drop Hat was the best song of the year.

In Christmas Gidget Gein left the band and Fort Lauderdale took his place and changed his name to Twigg...

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