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Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, illinios on July 21 1899. He was named after his grandfather. The part of Chicago where ernest lived was very isolated from the rest of the city. He grew up in a very religious and conservative family. His family also had some kind of nationalistic and rasistic oppinions about life. Since his childhood Hemingway loved to go fishing and he is also famous for his talents in fishing.
Though Ernest was good at fishing and spending time in the nature he was not much of a sportsman. In school he was really mediocre in sports. However he was a very good journalist and he wrote many good articles in the schools news paper.

In 1917 Ernest went to the first world war. The americans had recently joined the war against the germans. Ernest wanted to be a soldier but he couldnt because he had a problem with his left eye. Instead he started working as a ambulance driver in Italy where the war between the italians and the austrians were very intense. Ernest loved this period in his life and in the future when he wrote many of his famous books the experiences in Italy inspired him to do one of his most famous book: Farewell to arms. The books main character experience pretty much the same thing as Hemingway did in Italy. Both Hemingway and the main character in the book had a relationship with a nurse for example. Although the war was a bit of a trauma for Ernest he find his lfe very dull when he came home from the war.

Another book who was based on his own life during this time was the book ” Soldiers home ” in which he described his feeling of returning home from a war. He desribed how dull his hometown felt when he came home compared to the life he had in Italy. He also desribed what a psychological trauma war really is for those who have really experienced it.

He married a woman named Hadley Richardson in September 1921. They moved to Paris a short time later and there they lived pretty cheap even thought Hemingway had good incomes. In paris he met a lot of the greatest writers in europé which he learned a lot from.

However 1923 Hemingway had to move to Toronto. His wife was pregnant and they wanted to give birth to the baby in north america where the doctors and hospitals were better than in paris. His son was born October 10 and was named John Hadley. A short time later after the child birth they moved back to Paris.

During the 1920century many of Hemingways most famous boooks were published . However his debutbook called ” my old man ” from 1923 was not in any way a succeess. During the twenties his father commited suicide. His first really popular book was ” And the sun also rises ” from 1926. In the same time his relationship with his wife started to break apart. He had a relationship with a catholic named Pauline Pfeiffer and they got married in 1928. In 1929 he also moved to Florida.

During the thirties when the spanish civil war began Hemingway took part of the propaganda against the spanish fascistleader franco. He made a play called ” The fifth column ” and a famous book called ” For whom the bells tolls ” about the events in Spain during this time. However his new wife Pauline wanted Franco to win the civil war and this was one of the reasons why Hemingway divorced her to.

In 1940 he married a new woman named Martha Gelhorn. The same year they also moved to Cuba. However they were apart from each other during some years because Hemingway joined the american army during the second world war. He was a scout who looked for german submarines. Later on he also took part in the liberation of France. Hemingway also drank much. His marriage to Martha Gelhorn ended in 1944 because of Hemingways alcohol problems.

But later on in 1944 Hemingway married another woman, Mary Welsh. During his time in Cuba Hemingway wrote his last classic book called ” the old man and the sea ”. Ernest Hemingway received the nobel price in litterature in 1954 most because of this book. However Ernest. couldnt attend to the nobel price awards ceremonies because he had been seriously wounded in two plane accidents during his travels in Africa. This injuries became his lifes worst drama. He never fully recovered and he could never again make any brave adventures. He was also forced to move again. In 1959 Fidel Castro made a revolution in cuba so Hemingway had to escape back to Idaho in america.

In his last years he become more and more depressed because of his injuries. He drank all to much alcohol and in 1961 he took suicide by shoting himself in the mouth with a shotgun.

Finally I have to say that Ernest Hemingway wasnt gay.

FACTS about Ernest Hemingways books.

Many of Hemingways books were inspired by events from his real life. This is very obvious in a farwell to arms because the head character of the story is a ambulance driver in Italy during the first world war just like ernest. For example the main character in a farwell to arms was given a honary medal by the italian army just because he was wounded. The italian army thought that he had made som heroic stuff to get those wounds. The same sort of strange thing happened to Ernest Hemingway during his time in Italy. He was also wounded and good a honary medal just because the italian army thought he had made som brave things or something.

Ernest Hemingway wrote in a very naturalistic and realistic way. Probably because he wanted people to identify with what he felt during the events in his life. He never really used any metaphors ir such in his texts. If he for example would describe a three he would describe it as a three and nothing else. In that way Hemingway wrote in a very simple but detailed way.

A chronology of Hemingways books ( from the internetsite: )

1923: Three Stories & Ten Poems (published in Paris)
1924: In our time ( published in paris )
1925: In our time
1926: Torrents of Spring
1926: The Sun also Rises
1927: Man withou...

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