Dorian Gray

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The picture of Dorian Gray
What defines physical beauty? Is it a well structured face? The right width between the eyes or maybe well defined cheekbones?

The message of the book I read, defined it in an unusual way.

I have read The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin in 1854; he married and got two children. Oscar wrote plays poetry but in 1895 he was arrested for homosexual offences and imprisoned for two years. Later he was sent to France were he died in 1900 .the ------ was published in 1890, but the critics did not like it because the lack moral.

The picture of Dorian Gray reveals the time of the Victorian age in England. The book tells the story about Dorian Gray, and a very magnificent and splendid portrait of him.
The story starts when the relatively famous painter Basil Hallward is painting a portrait of Dorian Gray. Dorian Gray who is very good-looking and handsome with beautiful features. Dorian gets influenced by Lord Henry, who is a noble man but filled with wrong, fascinating, poisonous delightful theories. In a brief conversation with Lord Henry Dorian gets convinced that the most valuable thing he owns is his beauty and youth but which will change and alter by the days goes by.

When Dorian faces his beauty and youth on the canvas he gets extremely jealous of its everlasting beauty he makes this wish:
"If it were I who were to be always young and the picture to grow old...I would give my soul for it"
Soon Gray start to realise the picture has started growing ugly as soon as he put burden on his conscience. But a pretty face does not solve all problems; Dorian gets more confused but also more cold and stonehearted while he is spending more time with Lord Henry
By the time goes by the portrait alters into a hideous painting but Dorian stays as young as he did when he made the wish.

Basil Hallward is a talented painter who is fascinated and a little obsessed with Dorian’s youth and looks. Oscar really shows basils love for Dorian in a special way. Maybe because he wants to reflect his own affection to the same sex.

The descriptions in the book are very beautiful; Oscar often draws these similarities to flowers. The clothes are also described and good over view how the upper class lived in England.

What was really interesting to follow in this book was how Dorian changes after he has "sold his soul", from a pure young unspoiled boy to a paranoid man who shares the same thoughts as Lord Henry. In the beginning Dorian is vaguely aware of his appearance but after meeting basil and Lord Henry their compliments makes him more aware of that he is something extraordinary but also it makes him vain. The book shows how the picture interacts with Dorian’s life and how Dorian changes mentally when the pictures changes physically.

I think this book was really good, what appealed me was how Dorian changed. The drawbacks are that the English is old and quite a few difficult words. One other thing that made it hard to follow was the long paradoxes and metaphors by Lord Henry. .This book is a fiction and contains lord henrys deep paradoxes and immoral thoughts. It has also a love story that does not end ”the lived happily ever after", it does surprise and has a fascinating ending.

Oscar Wilde could not have written this book if it was not for the circumstances, it is a type...

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