"Julius Caesar" - William Shakespeare

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I’ve chosen to read and make an analysis of the book Julius Caesar, which is written by the author and “legend” William Shakespeare. I have made that choice because of the fact that I think he has widely influenced both authors and the general mindset of the people all around the world. Shakespeare wrote the intriguing drama, Julius Caesar, at the end of the 16th century. Just as many other plays by him, did also this drama became very popular.

William Shakespeare influenced many people during his lifetime but also after his death. One example of this is that quotations from his plays are used even know in present time. His plays have for all time inspired people and have given regular people a chance to recognize themselves. One of the reasons to his popularity was that he wrote for everyone and not just for the rich people. He wrote about everyday problems and common people. For even though his main characters were usually titled people of power, he made them appear just as common people when he highlighted their personal lives. For example, in Hamlet he enlightened the fact that even great royalties had the same kind of problems as regular people had.

Julius Caesar is a play that was adapted to everyone who wanted to go to the theatre. However, nowadays the biggest audience are the ones who are interested in historical personalities and the machinations of the society during that time. Because of the effect the book has are some of the quotations still available in our days. For example the quotation “Et tu, Brute” is used even at the present time. This is a quotation that Caesar used when Brutus murdered him. In our time this is used in the spoken language as a saying to point out that something is going to happen to you, as well as it happens to one another.

The purpose of the book is that Shakespeare wants to point out the cruelty that is born around the hunger for power. Mankind is able to do almost anything to wield the power that belongs to the rulers. The emperor of Rome during the roman imperial time was viewed upon almost as a god. Brutus was tempted by the godlike status belonging to the title, and therefore the hunger for power was born within him. He was promised a place as the emperor if he would do but one thing; assassinate the present ruling emperor, Julius Caesar. In the book you can clearly understand why Brutus was tempted to get the power, by reading the quotation of Cassius; “And it is very much lamented, Brutus, that you have no such mirrors as will turn your hidden worthiness into your eye, that you might see your shadow. I have heard, where many of the best respect in Rome, except immortal Caesar, speaking of Brutus, and groaning underneath this age’s yoke, have wished that noble Brutus had his eyes.”
Shakespeare also wanted to enlighten the fact that even your nearest friend can be your major enemy. Both Cassius and Brutus have a very good relationship with Julius Caesar but they are the ones who are plotting against him. Brutus is also the one who are murdering Caesar. The stock phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” fits this book very well.

Even though Shakespeare wrote to the common people are his writing skills very difficult to read. Sometimes it’s very hard to understand his mean...

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    hmm, very very good actually..

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    de står att du går på lågstadiet?? det kan ju inte stämma.. tror jag håller på att bli knäpp


Inactive member [2005-04-15]   "Julius Caesar" - William Shakespeare
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