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Agnetha Fältskog

Agntetha Fältskog, famous for her membership of Sweden's pride, the extremely successful pop group ABBA. Agnetha was the strongest singer in the group, also married to Björn Ulvaeus, another member of ABBA, with who she also shares two children, Christian and Linda.

April 5th in 1950 Agnetha Fältskog was born in a small city south of Stockholm called Jönköping. Her father Ingvar Fältskog was very interested in theater and used to put up small local shows. When Agnetha was six she made her stage debut in one of her father's shows with the song"Två små troll" (two small trolls) which was written and composed by her self. She accidently dropped her pants during the show. At 13 she and three of her best friends created the band, The Chambers and they played successfully in Jönköping in her father's shows and on local events. When Agneta was 15 years old she dropped out of school to give it all into a carrier in music as a singer and a songwriter. A very brave choice (and stupid I guess some would say) for such a young girl.

Agnetha decided that The Chambers was no longer good for her, she needed upgrading. At the same time as she was working as a receptionist at a car firm she joined the Swedish band Bernt Engharts. She released her very first single"Jag var så kär" (I was so in love) in November 1967 witch also became her first Number one on "Kvällstoppen" (a Swedish, very famous radio show that's ranking music) The single was sold in over 80 000 exemplars. Agneta was now only 18 years old and she got another greater success after the other. She went on a tour with a few really good, Swedish musicians and recorded several albums witch all sold very well.

When ABBA vanished, Agnetha decided to go for a solo carrier, again. She released three English albums during the 1980s which were sold in about 300 000 each, and that was only in Sweden.  She also tried acting and composing. She recorded a few duets, a soundtrack for the movie P&B, but then it was quiet, very quiet. After seventeen years of complete silence Agnetha Fältskog two singles and a cover CD witch,  like almost all her other records were sold in a lot of copies and also gave Fältskog a Patina.

During a short period in the 1960s Agnetha Fältskog was engaged to the German songwriter and producer Dieter Zimmerman. Then she married the, at that time colleague, Björn Ulvaeus. They got divorced in 1979. Eleven years later Agnetha married the Swedish surgeon Tomas Sonnerfeldt, it didn't last long though and they got divorced only three years later. A few years after the divorce from Mr. Sonnenfeldt Agneta met the Dutch Gert van der Graaf while she was walking near by her home in Ekerö, Stockholm. Van der Graaf started to send Agnetha flowers and chocolate and surprised her outside her door reading her love poems. Unaware of that Gert van der Graaf was possessed with her she got in a relationship with the Dutch charmer. When Agneta two years later broke up with him, he totally lost his mind and started to follow and threaten her. ...

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