Go Ask Alice

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In the beginning of the book Alice becomes 15 years old, she didn´t think that was anything special because her life was already a mess. She is pretty fat, atleast she think she is, but she loose very much weight after a while and becomes very thin. Her mother keep telling her to put her hair up and be happy, but Alice don’t to that very often. Alices relationship with her parents wasn´t very good in the beginning. Her father never was home, he always worked, and her mother either nagged at her or told her to be happy and don’t care about what other people says and to put her hair up. After everything that has happened, the contact between Alice and her mother and brother and sister becomed much better.
She had no friends in the beginning and got bullied, but then when she started using drugs she got many friends and got accepted. However, these weren’t real friends, since she lost them when she stopped using drugs.

The first time she ever tried drugs was in her “friend” Jills house. They were a couple of kids and played the game “Button, button, who’s got the button?”. Alice supposed that everything Jill did, she were also going to do. So when she drank her coke, Alice did to. That was when she got stoned. Someone had put LSD in her button and she had drank it. Alice laughed and heard unusually well she thought. Everything was beautiful with all these colors and shapes all around, and it all just kept spinning around for several hours, and she felt great! She was as happy as she never had been before.

The first time she got high, she didn’t knew it. She should have had someone to talk to, that listened to her, since she felt so misserable. She was all alone going trough that. If she had better contact with her parents it would help also, then perhaps she could tell them why she felt so bad and why everything is such a mess.
I think that the way she got clean was good, to take care of her beloved ones and stay close to them. She felt such a strong love to the family, they went in the first place so she stopped using drugs and got clean.

She sold drugs to her classmates and almost the rest of the school to, so they didn’t think anything special about it. Her family was just glad to hear from her that she was okay and didn’t ask a single question about drugs. Oh, one time her mother did accuse her for that, but then she got guilty conscience and couldn’t believe she even thought about that.
Alice was well-known and many kids bought drugs from her and her so called friends.

I think the book was very, very good and interesting. Particulary since it’s taken out of a girls diary and with that a true s...

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    Bra resention, men engelska gr


Inactive member [2005-02-01]   Go Ask Alice
Mimers Brunn [Online]. https://mimersbrunn.se/article?id=3231 [2021-06-15]

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